About me

Portrait of SteffenHi, my name is Steffen.

I am highly interested in Human-Computer Interaction, keeping in mind that there is always an individual interacting with a system. I am curious about how a system influences the behavior in the “real world” with all its dependencies, influences, and slips and errors. There is always a social(-psychological) dimension, which shouldn’t be missed. My main interests are in Augmented Reality, Intelligent Systems, and Human-Robot Interaction. The constraints of sometimes unclear or heavily changing environment motivate me to challenge these and find global answers. Contrasting to my business career, it is refreshing and motivating to find the best explanations instead of the best return of investment.


Science and Teaching

  • Experienced in the conduction of psychological studies and user-studies with test design, experimenter and statistical analysis.
  • Experienced in writing scientific articles and publishing process.
  • Teaching experience as student assistant, tutor and research assistant.

HCI, Psychology & Computer Science

  • Broad overview of non-clinic psychology with theories, studies and methods.
  • Deep knowledge in 3D computer graphics in theory and practice in Unreal and Unity.
  • Deep knowledge in User-Centred Design with theories and methods.
  • High understanding of information theory e.g. Turing Machines, logic, artificial intelligence.
  • Good programming skills in Java, Python, Scala, C# and basic skills in Matlab, R, C++.
  • Good practical and theoretical knowledge in machine-learning.

Soft Skills and Languages

  • Well organised, ability to lead project teams, work independently and good communication skills acquired in volunteers work and several consulting projects in business.
  • Languages: German, English, French.

Hobbies and Private Interests

  • Boardgames. My favorite board game is Imperial because it has no luck or chance avoiding dices, but I also like all modern co-op games or really challenging ones.
  • Good food and everything with that. If you see me cooking, it can take hours of joy and concentration and at the end, there is a tasty and nicely arranged meal on the plates. I am always looking for good restaurants strolling around big cities if they are affordable for my budget.
  • Hiking, Cycling, Walking or to sum it up: Being outdoors moving or traveling is something I don’t want to miss. Doing a chilling beach-holiday? No thanks. I was a boy scout since I was 8, so I know how it feels sleeping in a tent during a thunderstorm or hike through beautiful landscapes.
  • When I am not outdoors, I love all kinds of cultural places like theatres, galleries, museums or concerts.
  • I’m a nerd, so obviously I love programming, hardware stuff like Arduino or just chatting about nice applications or science in general.


–> See my publications.